Time to hide the autumn

An old person website goes through the ancient world. One want to include - sand bag carries, except he carries nothing. It offers a complimentary hand. It is old, tired of being. Their clothes no longer even signs of the past glory. Straw hat, that keeps this in the sun, has lots of holes, and its brim is jagged. Top the paint of diminished grass covering the thin body. Pants the color on the globe are large, loose, have holes upon his legs and Siepi at the bottom. Keeps them upleciony the strap belt. Long legs drop for the dilapidated start, their tops removed from the soles are bound with cord, to absolutely do not disintegrate. Shoes keep his tired base from rock, rocks, thorns and inequalities, after that tramples on the perpetual wandering.
Time to suppress the autumn. Dziad hand yank the went back pocket. Winter time has extended. Immediately all killed inside the white, snow snowstorm. You can not make out the ranking, houses, even pulled ahead hand disappears in a storm. An old guy display a sheepskin cover with fox top of big. Hands hides under the arms, not toward his offer were freezing. He moves briskly over the winter world. Dogs barking from the distance hostile, can not write down the properties passed and have a goblet of angry tea. Sam should make a fire from the snow, which is a very challenging process. Sometimes that results, but generally do not down and then snow. Winter, chilly with extreme. An old man eats fresh meat of looked creature and fish caught from the river. Tired of being this extended winter, emaciated, she would like to have a relaxation and lay down in a meadow among the flowers. This not time still must delay a trivial longer. Days become longer. The biggest frosts are over. The sun begins to przygrzewać, the ideal melts from the sense. People mourn in institutions that winter leaves, it will have to hide skis and slip in the cellar. Children cry that billow dissolves. Their sense slipped from carbide. Carrot nose resting about the snow. One hands in the arm can drop off by any second.
Dziad pants are several poprawianie widoczności w google main takes, two meet next two for the back. His big, wrinkled hand reaches only to the border, right sack and powers that in the bright of day. Summer. Comes the summer. As if in magic wand subjects of grains are yellow and mature saying in the breeze. Down cornflowers glow of golden fields. Birds race from the space and perform loudly. Flock of swallows reverse and whisked returning to the top. Potok cheerfully bears the shores of the pasture, that in the sunshine animals graze. Heat, hot. An old guy kneels and take in water running through the stream. Harvest sheaves. Field mice riding about rżysku and take the wheat, that fell from the ears.

Grandfather hides summer pocket. Their hand, according to a clockwise government, now goes to the back, well along with runs it out of the closet. Autumn is approaching. Days become shorter. Trees conducted on the shades of yellow, ginger and red. Only a few remaining green. They grow fruit in the wood then the voters road. Grandfather nourishes this a good apple, a pear, a windfall. Breaks hazelnuts and walnuts, and leave them apart an old shoe. Wind precipitated leaves in the trees, and they rotate from the atmosphere. That lovely place, while many of their colors creates air disco places. They podrywy, as a rural party. "I feel like this." "I wish another." The eternal row with search for with nature, even among the falling leaves. That Who will cover, who will die. The future drops and streams. It's getting colder, dark, gray outside. Individuals and creatures zaszyły in their warm habitat with dens. Bare trees tremble windswept. Freezes or grandfather. You will have to put on a comfortable kaftan and also a stroke hat. Replace footwraps with alter shoes with experience boots.

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